Jun 282012

Recently I had some free space in my schedule and Why not to do some extra stuff on Scalable Distributed Systems?

My choice fell into NoSQL DB, to be precise they are Redis, MongoDB and Cassandra. Of course I could do some more, but had not enough time to do it. So I’m planning to do it later.. one day..maybe 🙂

Hmm… What actually did I do?

First!  Install

Second! Take a look on the performance. But how to do it in the most efficient way and obviously to skip the part of reinventing the wheels. Why not to use  Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark for evaluating the most common in use NOSQL Databases. The main metrics to compare were:

  • Run Time (ms)
  • Throughput (ops/sec)
Third! Install the next one. Go to the step 2.
All details about the DB installations and their performance are here.

Conclusions and observations:

The main challenge was to properly set up all the parameters and connect the DB to the client side – Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark, with update heavy workload and two execution phases – load and transaction – and two metrics: Run time and Throughput.

During the evaluation it was found that all three DB were performing quite similarly, with a slight difference for MongoDB. Running Time of the transaction phase in MongoDB was slightly greater than the others and the throughput was lower.

Obviously, due to the different application areas of there NOSQL DBs – in memory DB, DB with small size structured data – it’s impossible to say which one of them is the best. That’s why depending on the needs, corresponding DB should be chosen 🙂


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  1. Wow, this is in every recpest what I needed to know.