Jan 162013

DBMS with extremely low latency? Suitable for real-time requirements?

MySQL CLuster –  is an Open Source, Scalable and highly Performable DataBase. It is a technology that enables clustering of in-memory database in a shared-nothing system.

Following the paper on MySQL Cluster from Mikael  Ronstrom MySql Cluster combining with Dolphin Express cluster is highly suitable for the  low latency and real time tasks. Dolphin Express cluster provides low latency on the hardware level in combination with optimized TCP/IP bypass software – SuperSockets. All these interconnections and combination, makes MySQL Cluster improve latency, efficiency and bandwidth. Moreover, Dolphine Express hardware can handle 3-5 times higher bandwidth than Gigabit Ethernet.

Even though the results presented in the paper is quite old, latency improvment is quite significant. Nowadays, the latency of Dolphin SuperSockets as big as a couple of microseconds, as it is visualized below.

The newest version of the MySQLCluster 7.2 reaches a throughput of 72M reads/sec (a bit unclear what is “operation”: simple read/write or something more complex)  on 30 node cluster using MySQLCluster 7.2.5. How is it possible to reach such numbers?  Well tuned and very deep performance analysis, so that any strange behavior can be controlled or fixed.

Interesting, what will be the performance of my Thesis System? 🙂 Stay tuned!