Mar 022013

I think it is kind of time to start working on the report draft 🙂

Here is first version of an abstract for my project report. Any commects are more that welcome!


In recent years the need for distributed, fault-tolerant, ACID and low latency data storage and data processing systems has led the way for new systems in the area of distributed systems. The growth of unbounded streams of data and the need to process them with low latency are some of the reasons for such interest in this area. At the same time, it was discussed that a total order algorithms is a fundamental building block in construction of a distributed fault-tolerant applications.

In this work, we are leveraging NASDAQ OMX low-latency uniform reliable totally ordered message bus with a capacity of 2 million messages per second. The ACID properties of the data operations are easily implemented using the messaging bus as it forwards all transactions in reliable total order fashion. Moreover, relying on the reliable totally ordered messaging, active replication support for fault handling and load balancing is integrated. Consequently, the prototype was developed using requirements from a production environment to demonstrate its feasibility.

Experimental results show that around 250 000 operations per second can be served with 100 microseconds latency. Queries response capacity is 100 Mbps. It was concluded that uniform totally ordered sequenced input data can be used in real time for large-scale distributed data storage and processing systems to provide availability, consistency and high performance.