May 072012

Survey paper on the Decentralized Storage Systems was finally accomplished. The final version of the paper could be found here.


Recently, Volunteer Computing (VC) is becoming quite popular for providing its resources for large-scale computational problems in scientific researches. Centralized control of the VC systems is the main bottleneck, since it introduces asymmetry to the system. Several systems are already benefitting from VC in terms of CPU sharing, e.g. SETI@home. Another side of the problem is storage sharing, where volunteer nodes will dedicate their free memory space to the system.

Introduction of Decentralized Storage System that is suitable for the VC is appropriate, mainly, to reduce possible overhead from the centralized part of the VC and provide available and eventually consistent decentralized storage system with minimal cost.

The focus of this paper is to thoroughly survey currently existing decentralized storage systems, evaluate them according to its suitability for VC system, and provide a state-of-the-art solution for this issue.