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 +====== Attic ======
 +Attic is a software project that creates a secure data distribution network applicable to projects like BOINC that employs P2P data sharing practices to share data across the data distribution layer. This alternative provides a more lightweight and dynamic environment for distributing data.
 +Four main elements:
 +  * A data serving application that replicates data on the network.
 +Data Centers (data cacher) that cache data, providing the distributed data source overlay.
 +  * A  Look  up  service  that  keeps  track  of  which  Data Centers have individual data items.
 +  * Client applications that download data from Data Centers on the network.
 +Data Centers are interim storage facilities that provide a buffer between the data serving application and the client applications. This buffer is particularly important for volunteer computing environments because it ensures that the data sources can be trusted by clients. Trust plays a crucial role in volunteer computing environments. If it is broken then the project will fail to attract volunteers. 
 +Therefore, in controlled environments, Data Centers are typically issued with certificates signed by a trusted certificate authority allowing client applications to verify the identity of the Data Center when downloading.
 +Attic is based on the Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Data-Intensive Cycle Sharing (P2P-ADICS) research project.
 +  * It has been designed with volunteer computing in mind, and does not require all participants to share data, or share equally, therefore differing it from other types of P2P file-sharing systems. 
 +  * Secure decentralized approach and BitTorrent-like file swarming techniques to serve data and manage load.
 +  * It uses HTTP for the transfer data transfer layer (multiple concurrent downloads)
 +  * It can be integrated with BOINC projects
 +  * “Trusted” peers: secure data centers are a way of implementing a super-peer topology for data sharing that would restrict the set of peers that are allowed allowed to propagate data.
 +A point of failure: the Lookup Server.
 +__Volunteer Systems:__
 +Attic can be integrated with BOINC using the Attic-BOINC proxy.
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