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 +==== Providing the right incentive ====
 +As mentioned in Section 5, proposed distributed storage system for VC is based on peer-to-peer concept which involves volunteer computing participants. The volunteer-nature of this model requires appropriate incentive system to attract participants.Our proposal here is to use existing models of incentives, with further testing to prove its effectiveness in volunteer-computing-based storage sharing.
 +==== Security ====
 +Another challenge that may surface is security. The proposed system should ensure that user data is not affected by VC data that stored in participants’ system or user security must be ensured[ref: P2P Architecture For Data-Intensive Cycle Sharing]. Client system should not provide loophole for hackers to intrude the system. Existing security techniques that are currently used in sharing computational power need to be re-tested and re-evaluated before they are re-used for storage sharing in VC environment. 
 +VC system should also consider the security of the data that are stored in volunteer nodes (data security), especially the integrity of the data. It should be able to enforce and detect the correctness of data stored in volunteer nodes and prevent malicious user to change or remove the data. For example the usage of Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant (BFT) replica in FARSITE, extensive use of erasure coding in Glacier, and MD5 checksum in Attic.
 +==== Integration into current VC Environment ====
 +Once we define or implement the decentralized storage system, we need to integrate it to an existing VC environment. Challenge in this area includes differences in programming language in implementing the storage system and VC platform (such as BOINC). This challenge is highlighted in. To solve this challenge, introduction of proxy solution to interface both sides may be useful. 
 +We may also need to introduce separate layer between VC participants that contribute computing resources and storage resources. These layers will provide several API as interface hence we will have flexibility in interchanging the implementation of storage layer. 
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