1. Abstract
2. Introduction (Julia)
3. Background and Related works (Enkhjin & Julia)
  • Decentralized Storage Systems

In general what is it and which features it tries to achieve - like symmetry, scalability, security, anonymity and bla bla…

Maybe some words about SNIA / SAN would be appropriate.

  • Volunteer Computing(VC)

Previous works on it; explanation of SETI@home, BOINC, Storage@home, MetaStorage and softly come to availability (Joan's paper will be base for availability part).

4. Existing systems review (All)

Each system as subsection. Sort the systems in the order in which they are more suitable for VC. For each system: advantages, disadvantages and possible extension with VC.

  • Squirrel (Julia)
  • Ivy (Enkhjin)
  • Transparent File System (Diego)
  • FarSite (Arinto)
  • Pastis (Enkhjin)
  • PAST (Enkhjin)
  • Total Recall (Arinto)
  • OverNet (Arinto)
  • Dynamo (Arinto)
  • Riak (Diego)
  • Glacier (Enkhjin)
  • Voldemort (Arinto)
  • Cassandra (Julia)
  • OceanStore (Enkhjin)

Most probably not all of them we will include to survey (but we'll see :)). And of course the order will be different.

5. Traces analysis (All)

Maybe we can repeat some clustering techniques from Availability paper (Joan's). As far as I know clustering is not that hard to program - but this we will also see then. Actually I think that we can repeat at least a few steps in that paper?


State of Art Decentralized Storage System used by VC.

6. Conclusions (Julia)
7. Referencies (Julia)
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