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 +[[http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1850832 | An Efficient Structured P2P Overlay over MANET]]
 +An approach to build an efficient structured P2P overlay over MANET using underlying OLSR routing was proposed. The main idea of this routing is to connect with the node which is neighbor but through this neighbor it will be easier to reach root node. The goal of the overlay is to build a net as closer to the physical one as possible, so the node stores 2-hop away neighbors to remove far away redundancy. 
 +Current approach is based on the scenarios where there 2 types of nodes: peers and non-peers. So the constructed network is closer to the physical one and speeds up look up in the system. One of the nodes in the system is chosen as root-peer and it connects all peers. By means of information on directly connected nodes and 2-hop away ones, each peer is able to build minimal spanning tree.
 +As the result it was proved that traditional structured P2P file-sharing over MANET can not support an overlay close to the physical structure. Approach with minimal-spanning tree and different peer type is shown to be more efficient than classical Chord in terms of traffic overhead. 
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