On the performance of ad hoc routing protocols under a peer-to-peer application


P2P overlay over MANET is quite challenging technology, as it faced with routing requests in a decentralized environment. MANET usually supports nodes with low computing capacity, that's why nodes in the system couldn't be play role of a server all the time. Hence, P2P application to the MANET is quite beneficial solution.


Main idea of the paper is to discover all bright and dark sides of the Gnutella-like application running over MANET with three different protocols:

P2P Implemented Protocol

P2P application was developed. It based on the Gnutella protocol mainly.

Evaluation metrics and results

The result of the work showed that it's important at first define metrics and only then choose and commit any protocol.

Future work is considered to be focused on possible changes to protocols or proposal of a new one.

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